At Intelliact our focus is on a comprehensive vertical and horizontal integration of product data in terms of “Industrie 4.0”. We achieve this by our methodology, our concept of the digital product, as well as by being independent of any specific product or vendor.


Just a few of the appreciative things our customers have said about us

  • Adrian Schmid at BESI Switzerland

    “I value the healthy distance from software vendors.”

    BESI Switzerland — Adrian Schmid
  • Roland Fuchs at BESI Switzerland

    “Competent and system-independent consulting”

    BESI Switzerland — Roland Fuchs
  • Paul Hoch at ZUMTOBEL

    “Intelliact’s method of working is both academic and pragmatic.”

    ZUMTOBEL — Paul Hoch
  • “Solution-oriented manner of working coupled with a deep understanding of systems”

    Landert Motoren Bülach — Marko Hotz
  • Jürgen Lay at Geberit International

    “Staff are competent and well-focused on the subject matter, and not primarily motivated by political or financial considerations.”

    Geberit International — Jürgen Lay
  • Dr. Michael Krueger at Corvaglia

    “PLM expertise, clear statements and analytical skills”

    Corvaglia — Dr. Michael Krueger
  • Roland Königs at Landert Motoren Bülach

    “Intelliact’s breadth of industrial experience means it’s not only familiar with everyday difficulties but with possible and suitable solutions.”

    Landert Motoren Bülach — Roland Königs
  • Dagmar Heinrich at Huber + Suhner AG

    “The neutral and holistic PLM consulting is important to me.”

    Huber + Suhner AG — Dagmar Heinrich
  • Dr. Martin Rosatzin at Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG

    “I value their competence, experience and open communication.”

    Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG — Dr. Martin Rosatzin
  • “Competent, reliable and neutral PLM consulting”

    PackSys global — Diethard Jahn
  • Christian Gehrke at e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG

    “Specialist knowledge, open and honest communication as well as positive and helpful cooperation”

    e+a Elektromaschinen und Antriebe AG — Christian Gehrke
  • Markus Ebner at Kistler Instrumente AG

    “What I like about Intelliact is the uncomplicated cooperation, the breadth of knowledge and the intelligent implementations.”

    Kistler Instrumente AG — Markus Ebner
  • Urs Wallimann at BESI Switzerland

    “Tool-independent expert opinion helps reduce internal tunnel vision.”

    BESI Switzerland — Urs Wallimann
  • Jost Roger at Bühler AG

    “Expertise and hands-on experience”

    Bühler AG — Jost Roger
  • “A friendly manner with good, constructive and longstanding cooperation between all involved.”

    Kistler Instrumente AG — Paul Pfister
  • Urs Hess at ELMA

    “More than 10 years of cooperation and interchange of know-how”

    ELMA — Urs Hess
  • Paul Krämer at Belimed-Sauter AG

    “Professional expertise coupled with a straightforward and friendly manner. Evident experience of working on diverse projects.”

    Belimed-Sauter AG — Paul Krämer
  • “The experience and expertise allow for focus on possible solutions. Very pleasant teamwork.”

    Thyssen Krupp Presta AG — Silvio Lampert
  • “Intelliact is not only known for its university lectures , conferences and first-rate workshops but as a vendor-independent and competent partner. Intelliact uses and optimally integrates existing systems into its solutions.”

    Kern AG — Wolfgang Freyer
  • Jürg Suter at ABB

    “Neutral, practice-oriented PLM consulting with an eye for the essential”

    ABB — Jürg Suter
  • Philipp Bättig at Schurter AG Luzern

    “Intelliact combines PLM theory with system vendor know-how and customer requirements to create optimal holistic solutions and results.”

    Schurter AG Luzern — Philipp Bättig
  • Efthimios Katsidis at Vectronix

    “I value Intelliact’s breadth of technical skills.”

    Vectronix — Efthimios Katsidis
  • “Agile concept development, good visualization of problems and competent staff”

    Belimo Automation AG — Urs Kehrli
  • Marcus de Nardin at Corvaglia

    “For me, Intelliact is synonymous with professionalism and helpful partnership.”

    Corvaglia — Marcus de Nardin
  • Adrian Seiler at ABB Turbosystems

    “Objectivity! Intelliact does not sell PLM/PDM products and has a broad knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of vendors.”

    ABB Turbosystems — Adrian Seiler
  • Christian Arnold at Oerlikon IT Solutions AG

    “High quality professional expertise and congenial staff”

    Oerlikon IT Solutions AG — Christian Arnold
  • Jürg Zeller at Rhätische Bahn AG

    “Competent and structured style of working”

    Rhätische Bahn AG — Jürg Zeller
  • René Puntigam at Vectronix

    “Independence and broad know-how”

    Vectronix — René Puntigam
  • Jonathan Hangartner at Belimed-Sauter AG

    “I value the friendly team, the detailed and specialist knowledge and the open communication.”

    Belimed-Sauter AG — Jonathan Hangartner
  • Urs Grossrieder at BESI Switzerland

    “Competence, customer proximity and systematic methods”

    BESI Switzerland — Urs Grossrieder
  • “Competence, experience and very good teamwork”

    Orell Füssli — Stefan Kempter

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